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The bells are chiming, and carollers singing,
And all I can do is sit here thinking,
Of that Christmas, two thousand years ago
Of what happened, and why it was so.

What happened to cause this special day?
And why do we still celebrate it today?
Who were the shepherds, and the wise men?
Why have a day to remember them?

But they are not the ones we focus on,
But on the one who was born God's Son,
This is the day of the Saviour's birth,
So let us rejoice all the earth.

But wait a minute, and listen to me,
That's not the only reason for some festivity,
It's not only what happened on that one day,
But it is what He did then for us to this day.

He died on a cross to set the captives free,
He died there so that the blind can see,
But He also died for the kings and thieves,
And for all of those who in Him believe.

See this is not a time just of Santa and bells,
Or a time of snow, parties and wishing wells,
But it is a time when we worship the Messiah,
And to forget that log burning in the fire.

So don't worry about the gifts you will get,
Or on what tree or decorations to get,
But focus on the One that this day is for,
The one who gave the gift that lasts forever more.

Glyn Williams
Copy(it)right 1994

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Last updated 25.5.2005