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"Who is this man?" they cried,
After He had raised the man who had died,
"He is only a carpenter's son,
He is the same as any one."

"He is a mere man without authority,
What he is saying is blasphemy",
They tried to stop Him as best as they could,
But He persevered better than any man would.

Jesus did not stop the miracles there,
He went on to heal and raise people everywhere,
Not matter what the people said or did,
He continued to do as His Father commanded.

The teachers and leaders of the time,
Tried to rub His name into slime,
But He rebuked them and sent them away,
Because they did not recognise THE WAY.

He helped those who needed it most of all,
Those who cried out to His friendly call,
No matter what the elders tried to do,
He did whatever He wanted to.

He then gave up His life and died on a cross,
And showed that devil who is the boss,
He bled and died on calvary's tree,
So that all men could be free.

Today when people ask, "Who was this guy?"
What are you going to say in reply?
That He was only a man who is dead and gone,
Or the one born as a carpenter's son.

The choice is up to you,
Because He did die for you too,
Proclaim the gospel of the carpenter's son,
The man who died and rose for everyone.

Glyn Williams
Copy(it)right 1994

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Last updated 25.5.2005