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Lord, I praise You in the morning,
I praise You in the evening,
I praise You when the sun is high,
And I praise You when the night is nigh.

You are worthy of my praise Lord,
You are worthy of my every thought and word,
Because You are wonderful Lord,
And You are greater than I will ever be Lord.

For You created the heavens and the earth,
And You created all things that are of worth,
You created the bird and the bee,
And then You took the time to create me.

And then Lord, because You love me,
And because You really and truly care for me,
You came to the earth and died for me,
And then You rose again for me.

Oh I love You Lord, I really do,
And I know Lord that You love me too,
And no matter what the pain or strife,
I want to praise You for the rest of my life.

Glyn Williams
Copy(it)right 1994

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Last updated 25.5.2005