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There's a special man coming to town today,
A man who's walked a long, long way,
His name is Jesus, the Messiah,
One who's spirit burns with fire.

He's coming on a donkey instead of a horse,
That has come from an unknown source,
He paid no money for it,
He just told His disciples where to get it.

Everyone is getting ready for Him,
Cutting palms from the trees to lay before Him,
Everyone is getting involved,
Women and children, even the old.

Everything's ready and all are in their places,
Two rows of people with smiles on their faces,
Waiting for the King on His donkey,
Walking on with legs all wonkey.

Behold, here comes the King,
And everybody begins to sing,
Praise and worship all around,
While people lay their palms and coats on the ground.

A man of glory can be seen,
Tall, handsome and very lean,
He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords,
Fighting with love instead of swords.

Oh I wish I was that donkey,
To carry the King on legs all wonkey,
A man worshipped and adored,
A man who was born the Lord.

What a wonderful entry that was today,
Full of glory and power all the way,
It has really changed my life,
And I will follow the King for the rest of my life.

Glyn Williams
Copy(it)right 1993

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Last updated 25.5.2005