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I have tiny hands, and two small feet,
I have a small heart, with its own little beat,
I can swim, kick and even smile,
And I have only been alive for a little while.

I was formed barely three months ago,
And now my mother wants to let me go,
I can't understand why she made me,
If a foetus is all she can see.

I have called out to her and asked her "Why?"
But she can't hear me, no matter how hard I try,
All I want is to see what is out there,
Don't you think that is fair?

If they want to kill me and cut me out,
While I sit here with all this doubt,
Why did they make me in the first place,
If they never wanted to see my face?

I cry out to all the people on this earth,
To allow me the privilege of a birth,
I appeal for just one friend,
To stop my life from coming to an end!

Glyn Williams
Copy(it)right 1994

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Last updated 25.5.2005