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Inspired by Matthew 5:16

They are dying in the townships,
Due to AIDS and malnutrition,
Along with all the other hardships,
That continue to plague our nation.

Many spend their time at Sun City,
Thinking that money is the solution.
What a great shame and a pity,
That they don't know true salvation.

In Durban they are burning in the sun,
Trying to look better than the other.
Many do not know God's only Son,
Who teaches us to love our brother.

The homosexual in Cape Town,
Is trapped in the bondages of sin.
While others look on them and frown,
Many will never learn the true Way in.

In Jo'burg, drugs still plague our teens,
Heroine, Mandrax, Dagga and E,
Taking in the wrong kind of greens,
They will never learn to be free.

"Tatta ma chance" won't empty our jails,
It is the dying "hope" of our nation.
Crime and murder and all the tales,
Of cheating, lying and corruption.

Someone has to take the Gospel,
Of peace throughout our land.
To be committed to the people,
And not be afraid to stand.

For it is you and me, as His disciples,
Who are to bear the lamp of God.
To let our light shine and be examples,
And bring our nation back to God.

Glyn Williams
Copy(it)right 2005

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Last updated 2.6.2005