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Inspired by Ephesians 6:10-18

Tell me,
When did you last witness to your neighbour,
And tell him that Jesus is the Way?
You say to all that you are a believer,
But how often do you really pray?

Tell me,
Will you wear the belt of honesty,
And stand up to the politician,
With all of their lies and treachery,
And declare that God does not let liars in?

Tell me,
Will you wear the breastplate of righteousness,
And teach holiness to every family?
We are living in a state of Godlessness,
For the authorities won't teach us how to pray.

Tell me,
Will you pull on your shoes of the Gospel,
And stand up for what you believe in?
Will you be firm and not be afraid to tell,
That killing unborn babies is a sin?

Tell me,
Will you faithfully carry your shield,
Out into the nightlife of the inner city fire?
And tell the gangs and prostitutes to yield,
For the love of Christ is truly what they desire.

Tell me,
Will you wear the helmet of salvation,
Into the richer suburbs of our land?
To teach that wealth does not bring satisfaction,
No matter how much or how grand.

Tell me,
Will you pray for the lost of this world,
Earnestly showing the Lord in all you sow,
Shining the light of Jesus in the world,
Every day and every where you go?

Glyn Williams
Copy(it)right 2005

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Last updated 2.6.2005