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We read in the Bible of the men of God gone by,
Of Abraham, Moses, Job and Malachi,
People who change many lives as they spoke,
Today all we can do is choke.
Where are the heroes for this day?
Ones to show the world the right way?
We need some more heroes like those gone by,
We need some now before we all die.

I've looked in the east and found there was none,
I looked in the west and found that they were all gone,
I've searched in the south without any luck,
And in the north, well I wish you good luck,
There are just no heroes to be found,
There are none for miles around,
Where did they go, and what are we to do,
Can any one tell me? Can you?

The Bible tells us of the things we are to do,
In fact we are all to be heroes, yes you too,
If we stand up for what is right and for our God,
Even though people will think we're odd,
We will all be heroes of our God and King,
And all the angels will begin to sing,
I am willing to be a hero ever true,
And now my dear friend, what about you?

Glyn Williams
Copy(it)right 1995

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Last updated 25.5.2005