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He could have gone to Herod's court,
Or maybe called the King's consort.
He could have visited the Pharisees,
Or even made a turn with the Sadducees.
He could have chosen any wise men,
But instead, He chose some fishermen.

For fishing in the Sea of Galilee,
Were Pete and his brother Andy.
Calling to them from the shore,
He promised them life and more.
So they left their nets were the lay,
To follow Him along His way.

Further along the coast of the sea,
They saw the two sons of Zebedee.
Plying their trade with their dad,
Working hard for what they had.
But when He called from the shoreline,
They too left their life so fine.

But what drove them to leave all behind?
What was it about this man so kind?
They gave up all they had worked for,
To follow a man walking along the shore.
With no thought for what they would gain,
For He had called them all by name.

When you hear the Lord call you name,
Your heart will start to burn the same.
As it was for the fishermen of Galilee,
You will respond, just you wait and see.
But will you be willing to abandon it all,
When you hear the Saviour call?

Glyn Williams
Copy(it)right 2005

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Last updated 2.6.2005