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Inspired by Luke 6 : 46

As I lie here on my bed at night,
I Think of my faith in Christ my Lord,
Am I living my life fully and right?
And am I living it according to His Word?

I call Him Lord and show my faith to others,
I'm filled with His Holy Spirit and love,
But am I doing what is expected of me and my brothers?
Am I doing it all for my God above?

I am always with my family and friends,
Telling them of God's precious Son,
But is that where my ministry ends,
Sitting there and having fun?

Jesus asked us how can we call Him Lord,
When we do not obey His commands?
And I ask myself now, do I call Him Lord,
And do I obey His commands?

I do the first, but not the latter,
I love to worship Him, but I don't do what He asks,
I'm sitting in His Word and growing fatter,
But am I doing my assigned tasks.

I think I need to look again at my life,
And see what I can do to remove the masks,
If I have made Him Lord of my life,
I must do all that He asks.

How can I call Him Lord, Lord,
If I do not do what He says?

Glyn Williams
Copy(it)right 1995

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Last updated 25.5.2005