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Alone in a cold dark cell,
Sat Barabas not feeling very well,
Today was crucifixion day,
And he felt that today was his day.

He sat and listened to the angry crowd,
Shouting out extremely loud,
All that they were saying was, "Crucify him",
And making an awful din.

Then the scream changed,
And it seemed pretty strange,
The people who loved him, were shouting his name,
It seemed they didn't quite love him the same.

He started worrying,
He started crying,
Why would those whose love for him was so high,
Now suddenly condemn him to die.

Suddenly his cell door opened,
And a jailer appeared,
He walked in with his head hanging low,
And said, "You're free to go".

Barabas stood up and ran out,
And let out a mighty, happy shout,
But who, who was dying in his place?
He had to go see this man's face.

There He is on that cross,
Going white from the blood loss,
He's the eternal sacrifice,
The one who paid the price.

He died in Barabas' place,
That was his gift of grace,
He died for you and me too,
He paid our price too.

Glyn Williams
Copy(it)right 1993

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Last updated 25.5.2005